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Artcom has been linking data and clients together for over 20 years.  Active ownership includes President, Lori Ann Flores-Garcia and Vice-President, Artemio Flores III.  Lori Ann Flores-Garcia has been representing Artcom from all aspects of the company for over 13 years.  She has been in ownership and acting President for over 9 years.   Lori’s passion for her business is well recognized under the following quote, “Providing excellent customer service to all of our clients has been a major part of our development as a successful telecommunications company.  Artemio Flores III has been representing Artcom for over 15 years.  He also has been involved in every facet of the company from running the structured cabling department to phone system integrations.  He, like Lori Ann, has been in ownership for over 9 years.  Ownership combined shares approximately two decades of excellent telecommunication experience and knowledge.